Girls Basketball Wins Central York Holiday Tournament

By Leah Miller, Reporter

The Girls Basketball team won the Central York Holiday Tournament on December 29.

The Warriors have had a record breaking past few years.

Currently, they are 2016-2017 5A District 3 Champions and have been Division II champions for the past two seasons.

With a successful season last year, the Warriors had a lot to live up to in this tournament.

Freshman forward Kelsey Gemmill talks about the team’s expectations.

“Nothing last year affects how we do this year,” says Gemmill. “so we have to work just as hard and prove that we are just as capable.”

The Warriors headed into the tournament knowing they were playing Central York in the first game.

In last year’s tournament, the Warriors lost to Central York in the Championship game, which made winning 50 to 41 a huge accomplishment.

Assistant coach Alex Fancher acknowledges the impact of the win.

“We knew they returned a good group just like we did,” says Fancher. “ and them being a 6A team, it’s one of those games where if you win that you set yourself up for the rest of the season.”

The girls then moved on to beat Cedar Cliff, 47 to 35, winning the tournament.

Fancher hopes the girls see the value of putting in the time and hard work that they did.

“They worked really hard to put themselves in the position to be competitive and once that final buzzer went off and you get to see them all go out there and take that team picture, you think about all the positives that come from all the hard work they put in,” says Fancher, “and for them to be able to see it pay off is the most rewarding part.”

The Warriors left the tournament undefeated with many accomplishments.

Senior Taylor Tannura was named Tournament all team, and junior Jaden Walker was named the Panther Classic MVP.

With much success at the tournament, the Warriors are looking forward to continuing the season.

Junior and starting point guard Jayla Galbreath looks forward to facing more rivals as the season continues.

“Probably the Dallastown game,” says Galbreath. “I’m so excited to hopefully be even more successful as a team, again this year in the postseason.”