Find Better Solutions to New Year’s Resolutions

By Grace Gorham and Reagan Gorham

The moment the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, resolutions are made around the world. Losing weight, getting promoted, finding love- all of these sound nice in your head, but trying to put them into effect can actually do more harm than good because when we don’t meet our often lofty New Year’s resolutions, our self worth lowers, only causing more stress.  

Part of the problem with New Year’s resolutions is the phrasing of them. For example, saying, “I will run three miles six days a week,” is setting yourself up for failure. This is because that timeline is unrealistic and unfair to yourself to go from possibly not running at all or only running once in a while, to running almost everyday. However making broad, vague resolutions is not good either because if your resolution isn’t clear and defined, you’ll have no motivation and forget about your resolution quickly. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves no room for actually benefiting from New Year’s resolutions.

File:New Years Eve fireworks Oulu 20111231a.JPG
Fireworks are often set off on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the start of the New Year. Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons.

New Year’s resolutions also foster an unhealthy, negative mindset. Most New Year’s resolutions are what people want to change about themselves, such as changing their personality or appearance. While many people want to change themselves for the better, the root of this is because they’re insecure with how they are, and trying to change yourself will only add to this insecurity. A better goal would be to let you be you this year, with no pressure to change from anyone – and without the thought of having something wrong with you; you may find that you like yourself just how you are.

So, despite what one may think, making no resolutions for the New Year is actually more beneficial and healthier. It’ll relieve the negativity of trying to change yourself and the stress of struggling to meet unrealistic expectations. If you have to make a goal this New Year, start with making no goals.