Student Council Prepares New Events in 2018

By Alexandra Marusko, Social Media Editor

Student council is planning several events for the 2018 school year.

One of the newest editions is the talent show, which will take place on February 23.

Student Council advisor Kellin McCullough explains its inspiration.

“It’s something that the seniors have been talking about for a number of years, and it’s just something that we’ve never done, and the seniors want to pull it together before they graduate,” said McCullough.

Student Council plans to hold annual events, such as the Color Run, Jail a Teacher and Kiss a Senior Goodbye.

Student council advisor Thomas Laure explains how student council plans to liven up the Color Run from previous years.

“For the Color Run, we were thinking of doing an obstacle course or a mud run, but we felt like we haven’t capitalized on the potential of the Color Run,” said Laure.“We had a lot of participants the first year, and then it kind of went down the second year, so we’re looking for this year to pick it back up and do better than the first year, so I think you’re going to see more entertainment at the Color Run, and just more hype and excitement about it.”

Student council members senior Erin Kaliszak and junior Greyson Daviau will also be presenting at the student council district conference later this spring.

The two will be giving a presentation on the council’s tailgate, which took place earlier in the year, and will be helping other schools in the area plan a schoolwide event within their schools.

Student Council President Michael Torbert believes that this year’s council is capable of accomplishing the events.

“I think the group of students we have in council for this year is the most passionate group there has ever been, and all of them are carrying that passion into the new year,” said Torbert.“A lot of the returning students are looking forward to making council better than it was last year, and the new students are excited to successfully execute their first Color Run from behind the scenes.”