Mock Plans to Continue Artistic Streak


By Julia Kelbaugh, Reporter

Senior Brady Mock has been involved in the art program all throughout high school.

He has been recognized for his abilities several times and is now coming to the end of his high school career.

Mock is heading to college soon and putting together his portfolio, and he has a lot to show for just four short years.

“Putting together my portfolio has been quite stressful but fun,” said Mock. “It is because I am in the art room all the time, and I am having a lot of fun doing it.”

Mock had always thought art was fun, but never really considered much of it until going into high school and taking specific art classes.

“I always liked drawing as a kid,” said Mock. “And then taking Electronic Arts with Mr. Bowers made my passion of art into the idea of a career.”

Throughout his time at Susky, teachers have not only gotten to know him and watch him grow as a person, but they have also seen his artwork and watch him evolve as an artist.

Electronic arts and photography teacher Wade Bowers has seen Brady’s ability change and grow through the years.

“I have seen tremendous growth in Mock,” said Bowers. “Both in technology and creativity.”

Mock has enjoyed being part of the art program in high school and plans to continue with art at the Maryland Institute of Art and major in illustration and animation.

“I love art,” said Mock. “I always want it to be part of my life.”