Senior class presents graduation projects

Seniors can get any information that they need from Coach K’s door.

The senior class of 2013 has been working on the graduation project throughout all four years of high school, and it was finally due on January 22nd.

   The project requires tasks to complete each year from freshman to senior year. As a freshman, the only thing that must be completed is to meet with an advisor to discuss career seminar and other details about the project.
   As a sophomore, career seminar is a class taken to help students to start to think of potential jobs for their future.
   Senior Allie Quigg discusses how career seminar is a class that helps everyone.
   “Career seminar helped me thoroughly research the career I wanted,” said Quigg.
   During career seminar, students are instructed how to make a resume, another graduation project requirement. The class also involves completing surveys on and writing reflections based on the results. At the end, there is a one-on-one interview with the class instructor to prepare students for future interviews in any work field. The final mini-project during sophomore year is to create a career plan with step-by-step goals for future careers.
   Junior year must include two field experiences of choice. These choices include: visiting  a college fair, the college itself, or hands-on work experience or a job shadow.
   “In order to prepare for the project, I went on college visits,” said Quigg, “I also volunteered at different places that helped me determine if the job I picked was for me.”
   Finally, senior year includes the final presentation of the student’s portfolio and an up-to-date resume and career plan to receive the honors mark.
    Business Education teacher Jocelyn Ruppert tells what may happen if the project is not complete.
   “The graduation project cannot be turned in late because it must be turned in before a student graduates or else that person cannot graduate,” said Ruppert.
   This graduation project is important to complete and is helpful since students can investigate a profession that may be their future career.

   Senior Gabi Urik visited many colleges that could be her potential future school.

   “I visited West Chester University, McDaniel College, and Lock Haven University,” said Urik, “but I chose Lock Haven.”

   The guidance office has extended the deadline for the senior graduation project only for those who have not finished presenting, but it is encouraged to finish the project as soon as possible.