Brakmann Writes to Become a Playwright

Ally Waltemyer

By Justin Rosenberger, Reporter

 Junior Camryn Brakmann is writing a script for a playwright contest run by the International Thespian Society.

Following the ITS Festival on December 1, Brakmann spoke to SHS theater director Will Jenkins about the lack of female LGBT representation in theater.

“It got brought up that there is very little female representation in LGBT,” said Brakmann. “It’s usually male representation, and it’s kind of bothersome as someone who falls under that category and wants representation.”

Brakmann has really stepped up to the plate in trying to bring LGBT female representation into the theater community.

“You’re a lot more comfortable with yourself when you see representation in media that you are open to a lot, because that’s the way ideas are very largely spread and taken in,”said Brakmann. “It makes it seem less out of the norm and makes you feel included and more normal in society.”

SHS theater director Will Jenkins believes that participating in this contest could help people improve being a playwright.

“It always helps you get some good feedback about what you need to do to make yourself better as a playwright,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins explained the big reward that is given to the winning playwright.

“Students all over the nation who are members of the Thespian Society who are interested in playwriting have the opportunity to send this into the National Festival,” said Jenkins. “If it’s chosen then that play will be performed at the National Festival in Nebraska whenever year it’s accepted.”

Brakmann is in the beginning process of her story and will be entering next year’s contest.

Submissions are accepted from October 1 to January 15.