#WhyYouMatter Displays Students’ Importance


Chris Stem

Each student’s individual picture hangs in the halls, showing what makes them important and unique.

Chris Stem and Andrew Werdin

By Lance McCrum, Reporters


Aevidum sophomore through senior members created  “Why I Matter” flyers.

Senior Terry Rodgers believes that he matters because he says “I like to help other people, I care about people and I help people all of the time.” 

Chris Stem
Senior Terry Rodgers stands with his “WhyYouMatter” flyer.

Senior and Aevidum leader Amber Bortner believes that Aevidum has helped people, and that the “Why I Matter flyers help people by showing other students what matters to them.”

Aevidum leader Amber Bortner also says that the ‘Why I Matter’ flyers are there to “show that everybody does matter, but it’s also trying to show that everybody does have a story.”

Aevidum Advisor Andy Warren also believes that the “Why I Matter” flyers are important. 

“Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters,” said Warren. 

Aevidum advisor Matthew Shervington believes that the “Why I Matter” flyers are so important because he wants to build school climate. Also, Shervington wants students to feel comfortable when they walk through the school walls.

Shervington wants to “have a nice school climate because the minute students walk through the school doors until the very second they walk out, they should feel welcomed.”