Girls Doubles Tennis Makes it to Districts

By Grace Gorham, Contributing Writer

  Girls tennis is going to districts for doubles for the first time in three years after placing third in the county.

  Senior Molly Hogan and junior Julianne Cassady will play together, along with New Oxford, who came in first in counties, and Dallastown, who came in second.

  The District Doubles Tournament will be held at Hershey Racquet Club on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21 at 1 p.m.

  Tennis coach Marianne Michels is very happy that all of their hard work will be rewarded with a trip to districts.

  “Oh, I am elated. I am beyond excited. I was hoping for this, and my girls were seeded fourth in the county tournament, and I really, really was hoping that we would get a [chance at] districts,” said Michels. “Not only because of their talent, but also because Molly is a senior, and this would be a great way to end her season, and Julianne and Molly, they both play so well together and have gotten better and better.”

  Cassady is ready to set their plan in motion to prepare for districts.

  “We are preparing for districts by having practice at Wisehaven with the other teams that are going to districts with us, and we have a bond with the New Oxford team, so it should be fun to practice with them,” said Cassady. “It should be good for us because they are good teams and we are going to be facing harder competition than what we saw at counties.”

  Hogan feels that she and Cassady have a good bond, which allows them to perform better on the court.

  “Even after my high school career is over, I will always remember my bond with my doubles partner Julianne. We communicate on the court amazingly, and we definitely pushed each other this year attending multiple practices together and working hard,” said Hogan. “We were doubles partners my sophomore and her freshman year, and we never knew we would eventually play again together and make it to districts. In my opinion, we are the best high school doubles team out there because of our overall bond and playing level.”

  Cassady agrees that having a good bond with her partner allows them to play better, and to have fun while doing it.

  “What makes Molly and I a good team is, first, that we have a really good friendship, which makes playing with each other super fun, and we can pick each other up if something goes wrong, also we know when we have to be serious and when we are able to goof off a little,” said Cassady. “We get along so well, and it makes the victories even more enjoyable because I get to spend it with one of my closest friends.”

    Hogan knows that districts will be some of the hardest matches that they have played, but is mainly just happy to be going.

  “Districts is going to be a whole different feel but Julianne and I are very excited and honored to even be going.  I think we will play our hardest and no matter what happens I predict we will be proud and put on the best doubles performance we can,” said Hogan. “Coach Michels always tells us to go into a match with the idea that everyone is able to be defeated no matter how good they are, so Julianne and I are going into districts with as little worries as possible and only focusing on our game.”

  Cassady is unsure about how they will do in districts, and her only worry is that the season will end sooner than she had hoped.

  “Honestly, I’m not sure how we are going to do in districts because the competition is going to be very good, and we haven’t played any other teams than those in our division. Plus it’s been numerous years since our school has gone to districts for girls doubles,” said Cassady. “The only worry I have is that it will be a short run and that the season will be over just like that. I’m really going to miss playing with Molly because I’ve never had a closer bond with someone on the team than her.”

  Michels does not have worries about their performance at districts.

  “When you go to districts, it’s a different level of play. I think that they can do well, but it’s going to be tough competition, for the most part, it’ll be more difficult than they saw in counties… I know that they’re going to show up, they’re going to do their best, and that’s all you can ask for, is that you go out there, and leave everything on the court,” said Michels. “Go out swinging, swing hard, and do the best you can… It’s just a great ending to a great season.”