Pennsylvania sues NCAA

Truscott shows his support for his favorite team Penn State by wearing his Penn State sweatshirt.

PA Governor Tom Corbett took the NCAA to federal court on Wednesday, January 2 in an attempt to get all penalties to Penn State University in the Sandusky case dropped. These penalties included a $60 million fine, a reduction in football scholarships, and a four-year bowl ban.
Corbett accepted these sanctions in June of last year, but now he feels these penalties are unjust and are causing the community and the school to suffer unnecessarily.

He claimed these penalties in no way punished Sandusky; rather, they punished Penn State and fans of the university.

Health and physical education teacher Doug Truscott believes the penalties against the university should be reconsidered.

“Due process was not considered when these punishments were given,” said Truscott. “The NCAA is not the only one to blame; the media is at fault to. It enraged me that they published false things and put the entire university in a bad light.”

Penn State fan junior Julia Bean has strong feelings about the punishments that were held against the university.

“I think it is a good thing the state is finally doing something about this,” said Bean. “None of what went on was the team’s or the players’ faults, so why should they be punished for something they didn’t do.”

    Sophomore Maddie Kroner, another Penn State fan, also had an opinion on what took place.
“In my opinion the activities of Sandusky harmed the university and that was enough punishment. It changed how many people viewed the university,” said Kroner.
Although there is no outcome on the case yet, the NCAA has responded to the lawsuit with a statement posted on Google.

“Not only does this forthcoming lawsuit appear to be without merit, it is an affront to all of the victims in this tragedy–lives that were destroyed by the criminal actions of Jerry Sandusky. While the innocence that was stolen can never be restored, State has accepted the consequences for its role and the role of its employees and is moving forward,” reported MSNBC.

The University is not taking part in what Corbett is trying to accomplish.