Girls Tennis Prepares for Counties

Annie Hebel

By Alexandra Marusko, Social Media Editor

Girls tennis has been practicing extensively throughout their season, both inside and outside of games.

Freshman Tessa Bryan feels the team has prepared for counties well.

“We’ve done drills to fix what we’ve done in our matches that made us lose, and we’ve just kept practicing,” said Bryan.

The team is currently at a rate of 4-5 for division, and a rate of 6-8 overall.

Girls tennis has played against other schools such as: Dallastown, Dover, Gettysburg, York Suburban, Spring Grove, Kennard Dale and Red Lion. Head Coach Marianne Michels sees how the team has improved since previous seasons.

“Well, the comradery between the girls from this year and last year has been amazing, but just how hard they’ve worked, I mean they’ve worked really hard. I think almost all of them came to camp this summer, you know, they all came to open court, all summer long they came to camp. They’ve really worked hard, a lot harder than they have in the past  I would say,” said Michels.

Senior player Molly Hogan has a positive outlook on how counties will go.

“I think that we’re very strong, and we’re very optimistic about it. There’s a lot of good girls playing from different schools who do year round training. So, I think we’ll do good, and I think we’ll go far,” said Hogan.

Girls tennis will play at Dallastown for counties on October 5 at 2 p.m., October 6 at 2 p.m., and October 7, 9, and 10, with times to be announced.