Gun control politics continue: Obama states potential solution


The recent Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT has left government officials in controversy over the legalization of all types of guns.

Gun control politics is a hot topic between all states. The question that many parents are asking themselves is “are guns safe or not?” There is no solution on gun control, but the question still remains.
The legal age for people in PA to own firearms is 18 unless the minor is under parental supervision or the gun is used for lawful hunting activities.

Sophomore Destiny Boone feels something should be done regarding gun access.

“Guns are violent, I think they should be banned because they are used in the wrong way,” said Boone.

In PA, it is required to carry a license while firearms are in possession, while some want higher requirements.

“Carrying a gun license is better than none; at least the person carrying it is legal, but I think there should be some other restraint or test to make sure the person carrying the gun is sane,” said Boone.

On the other side of the debate, others, such as sophomore Hunter Roloson, are pro firearms ownership.

“I am pro so that we can defend ourselves; guns should be legal for hunting and defensive purposes,” said Roloson. “I think there should be gun safety courses that are required to be taken when someone gets a gun license.”

Math teacher James Sterner is partial with his opinion about gun control.

“Guns should be locked up and away from kids,” said Sterner. “I am OKAY with people using guns to responsibly hunt, but I am not OKAY with people using them for violence.”

While citizens continue the debate, President Obama is weighing 19 different measures for gun control that he may be able to approve without the approval of Congress, but details are still unclear whether or not these would be followed through, according to Fox43 news.

The Constitution gives U.S. citizens a right to bear arms. Politics on gun control and gun safety will continue to cause arguments if they are safe for citizens or if they provide an easy venue to abuse firearms.