New school security

In the wake of the many acts of violence this year, many schools are planning to up their security; the Southern York County school district is no different.

Friendship Elementary has added security features at the school entrance. Visitors must now go through a lengthier process to enter. They must be buzzed in to enter the school, as well as the usual sign-in. In addition, they have to be buzzed in to enter the main halls from the office.

Principal Dr. Robert Bryson explained that some visitors, if not recognized by office staff, may also be asked to show I.D. before being buzzed in.

“It increases our ability to know who’s entering the building before they enter the office,” Bryson said.

Senior Bridget DeFelice hopes that the new methods, along with human attentiveness, will minimize danger.

“I believe the people in the office will be more cautious of who’s coming to the school,” DeFelice said.

Although senior Casey Slattery usually feels safe in school due to police presence and school entrance process, she also agrees Susky should take extra precautions.

“[Schools should] make sure everyone signs in and [should] keep close tabs on who’s in the school,” Slattery explained. “Make sure those with depression or suicidal thoughts are getting the help they need.”

Although some might think these changes were specifically a reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting, Bryson said Friendship had already implemented them as part of recent construction. The other elementary schools will follow suit, as well as the middle and high schools eventually.

“If you make changes for one elementary, how do you justify not doing it for the others?” Bryson explained.

Bryson said that the process is so far the only major change being implemented, but schools have boards whose job is to decide on any other actions needed.

“We have a safety committee that meets regularly that talks about the measures we are to take and the emergency drills we do,” Bryson said.

Although technical security is crucial, discussions on violence and bullying can also prevent danger. Staff usually goes over emergency procedures with students multiple times a year. As always, the school’s goal is to prevent such tragedies from repeating themselves.