Shrek: The Musical Review

By Jayde-Rhiannon Jackson, Photo Editor

Shrek: The Musical was was very successful and filled the auditorium during each performance. Shrek: The Musical was performed at Susquehannock for three days, starting on Friday, April 7 at 7, Saturday at 2 and 7 and Sunday at 2.

 The musical was very well performed, and the energy from the audience and the young actors and actresses was wonderful. The energy helped bring the play to life even more than it already was.

  The show consisted of two acts which contained seventeen scenes total. Juniors Julia Twaddle, Lucas Sherman and Justin Rosenberger played the three main roles: Princess Fiona, Shrek and Donkey. Many of the students who worked on the play and performed were either freshmen or have been working with the theatre throughout their middle and high school career.

 Fiona’s character was not elaborated on too much, but there was a scene where freshman Bailey Ryon played young Fiona, freshman Cassidy Bolio played teen Fiona and junior Julia Twaddle played Fiona throughout the whole play. They went from her younger years to her older years in the tower in the scene I Know It’s Today. This threw an interesting twist into the play as the three actresses did a very good job working together to make it seem like it was the same person.

 The students worked very well with one another, especially in the dance ensemble as they had a lot to practice. During the Morning Person scene, Fiona and the ensemble worked together as the ensemble was dressed up as rats, and Fiona “tamed” them. In scene five, What’s up Duloc, the Duloc greeters, who also happened to be the ensemble, worked very well together. The dancers were very well lined up and on time with all of their dances.

 Another big part of Shrek: The Musical would have to be the fairy tale characters. Although the main roles are very important, the play also focused on the fairy tale characters and how they were thrown out of Duloc for not fitting Lord Farquaad’s description of normal. Some of the fairy tale characters were Gingy, the Wicked Witch, Pinocchio, Mad Hatter and the Big Bad Wolf. The fact that they did not fit the description of normal is very relevant in today’s society because many people feel they do not fit in someone else’s or everyone’s description of normal.

 Overall, Shrek: The Musical was very well directed and produced. The musical came together and was one of the best productions at Susquehannock.