Theatre Department Performs at Encore Awards

Mia Kobylski, Reporter

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  The Encore awards were held on Sunday, April 23 at Central York High School.

  This annual awards show allows each school in the area to present a selection from each of their spring musicals.

  Susky performed two scenes “Forever” and “I’m a Believer” from their spring musical, Shrek.

Kaleb Fair, Cora Dunaja, and Lily Stockbridge all played “Fairytale Creatures” in Shrek the Musical. Photo courtesy of SHS Theatre staff.

  Once the judges have seen the performances, they give out awards to schools as well as individual students such as best dancing, best singing and most creative performance.

  Senior Addie Achterberg was cast as the role of Dragon.

  “I wasn’t really expecting an award for us just because… there were some really, really good schools, and there were some really talented people too,” said Achterberg. “Les Mis [from] Hanover… was better than a high school performance.”

Senior Michael Koval and junior Justin Rosenberger have been dedicated theatre members throughout their high school career. Photo courtesy of SHS Theatre staff.

  Junior Justin Rosenberger played Donkey and thoroughly enjoyed being a lead in the musical.

  “I thought the role was literally the best role of the whole show. It’s a hilarious part; it’s just so amazing to be [Donkey],” said Rosenberger. “The performance went pretty well; we didn’t win anything, but I mean, overall the performances went really well.”

Before a performance, the backstage area is full of excitement and last minute preparations. Photo courtesy of SHS Theatre staff.

  Although they did not win any awards at Encores, junior Julia Twaddle thought the theatre department’s hard work paid off.

  “I played Fiona, and it was one of my favorite musicals to participate in… our hard work showed in the reactions of the audience,” said Twaddle.

  Students will return to Encores again next year, hoping to make up for this year’s defeat.