Community Members Plan Earth Day Event at Ruins Park

By Logan Garvey, Editor-in-Chief

The first local Earth Day event this year will take place at the Ruins Park in Glen Rock on April 22 from 10-3 pm. The event will include a trash walk where attendees will have the chance to walk throughout the streets of Glen Rock and pick up trash around the town. At Ruins Park itself, there will be food, vendors and music open to the public. John Smith from 3 Dollar Suit, joined by Jenny Pickel, will play music, and The Glen Rock Mill Inn will offer food. Host Chelsea Kozak cannot wait to open this event to the public. “I want the community to be a part of this event because I believe that people need people, and what better way to join together and take care of this beautiful place that we are blessed to live! Let’s be the change together!” For more information about the event, click here: