Developing Artist Discovers Talents

By Grace Gorham, Contributing Writer

  Some people have a talent for finding ways to translate things they see in real life onto paper. Freshman Keely Coyle is one of those people, having been an artsy person her whole life.

  Coyle enjoys doing sketches of faces or objects the best and is most comfortable with pencil and paper drawings; although, she has used multiple mediums throughout the years.

  “I love shading and being able to have control on the pencil in my hands… I try to focus a lot on the shade, creases, and the shapes around the entire face,” said Coyle.

  Being able to create pieces that look lifelike is a skill that takes a very long time to even come close to perfecting. Coyle is just beginning to discover that skill.

  “Over the years, I’ve would say I’ve improved tremendously. Especially this year, I’ve begun to make more realistic and flowing pieces,” said Coyle.

  Her favorite piece that she has ever worked on is either a mug or a camera in multiple mediums, which is pictured above.