What Students Need to Know About the AP Exams

Mia Kobylski, Reporter

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All students taking AP classes are eligible to take the AP exams in May to possibly earn college credits.

  If a student takes an AP test and passes, then they may not have to take similar classes during their post-secondary career.

  Guidance counselor Evelyn Kabke thinks that students taking AP classes gain crucial knowledge that will help them in the future.

  “I definitely believe taking AP classes are beneficial to students because really it is essentially a college course… you are learning skills that are going to help you be successful in college,” said Kabke.  

  Registration to take the tests is due by Thursday, March 16, and the total cost of the exam is $84.

  Registration forms, as well as AP test information booklets, are available in the guidance office, listing the dates in which each test takes place.

  If a student has questions about any of the AP testing days or requirements, contact guidance or the main office.