Swing Dance Supports the Band

By Grace Gorham, Contributing Writer

Delozier and Hallameyer use the props for photos. Photo by: Josh Delozier.

   Students learned a different style of dancing at the Swing Dance fundraiser for the band on Friday, January 27. At the event, dancing lessons were offered to learn different types of dances that were popular during the 1920’s-40’s, otherwise known as swing dances. It also included music from the era provided by the jazz   band, food, and a photo booth.

  Junior Lauren Hallameyer enjoyed the music that was played from that time period.

  “I really liked the swing dance this year. I had a good time because I really like the music from the era; it’s very interesting to listen to,” said Hallameyer.

  Hallameyer also liked the dancing lessons, and she thought it was fun to try something new.

  “I did enjoy the swing dance lessons because it was cool to try a new type of dance style,” said Hallameyer.

  Senior Kaila Taylor also enjoyed the music and the atmosphere, and ultimately her favorite part was just getting to be with her friends.

  “I thought it was really fun… The jazz band sounded amazing, and you could really groove to the music… my favorite part was dancing with all of my friends,” said Taylor.

  Freshman Josh Delozier also enjoyed the food and the dancing lessons.

  “We learned how to swing dance for the first hour and then danced to the jazz band. We ate really good food provided by Joshua Stewart’s family, and it was a really good time,” said Delozier.

Delozier and freshman McKenzie Sauter pose at the selfie table. Photo by: Josh Delozier.

  Delozier admitted that even though not everyone was good at the dances they learned, it was still fun to try a new style.

\“I did enjoy the dancing lessons. It was very fun to watch everyone fail, and to fail along with them,” said Delozier.

  Hallameyer enjoyed the photo booth because she dressed up for the dance.

  “My favorite part had to be the selfie booth because I had dressed up so it was cool to take pictures in the era clothes I wore,” said Hallameyer.

  Hallameyer plans on going back to the dance next year and is very hopeful that the selfie table will still be there.

Sauter, Delozier, and Hallameyer all take a photo with the selfie table props. Photo by: Josh Delozier.

  “I will be going back next year because it is a lot of fun to dress up and dance and listen to the band… I do hope they put the selfie table back in again next year because it was fun to take pictures with funny hats and props,” said Hallameyer.

  Delozier also plans on going again next year and enjoyed the whole experience.

  “I will be going back next year. It is a fun, family friendly experience, and you also get to listen to our high school’s very talented jazz band,” said Delozier.