Second Quarter Highlights

By Grace Gorham, Contributing Writer

  There were many major events that occurred throughout the second marking period both inside and outside of school, but there are a few that should be highlighted.

  The second quarter officially began on Monday, October 31, and ended on Wednesday, January 18.


  The first major event of the second marking period was the 2016 presidential election, which took place on November 8. This event divided the school for a few weeks between the two final candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The days before and after the election were very chaotic. In the end, Trump won and is set to take office on January 20.

The Susky marching band poses with their trophy at championships. Photo by: @SYCSD on Twitter.

Marching Band

  Throughout the end of the first marking period and the beginning of the second, the marching band participated in a series of competitions and won all of them, receiving very high scores. This led up to their last and biggest competition, the Cavalcade of the Bands, where the Susquehannock marching band competed against 152 other bands. They won that competition, too, which made it a winning season for them.

  Freshman Anna Joy describes the hard work that they had to put in leading up to their victory.

  “We had to have an 8 hour band camp for two weeks before school started, and then after that we practiced three times for about 10 hours per week,” said Joy.

  Joy also talked about how it felt to win after putting in all of the hard work.

  “It was the best feeling in the world because our hard work payed off and we broke the record. We got a 98.5 out of 100, the highest in recorded Cavalcade history,” said Joy.

Winter Sports

  November 18 was the start of winter sports, which consist of swimming, basketball, cheerleading and wrestling.

  Freshman Keely Coyle talks about how the swimming season has gone so far.

 “This season in swimming has been going very well. Wingert put me in the A 100 breaststroke and I came in 3 against West York,” said Coyle.

  This is Coyle’s first year of swim season, and so far it has been a good experience for her.

  “The team gets along… Wingert is a really good coach. He is supportive of the whole team. My first year of swim season has been really great. It’s hard but improvement is worth it,” said Coyle.

Feild (center) congratulates her friends, senior Kaleb Fair (right) and freshman Jordan Pflieger (left), after a great show. Photo by: Anna Feild.

Fall Play

  Also beginning on November 18 and lasting until November 20 was the fall play. This year the theater department performed Peter and the Starcatcher. The play was a big hit, and the cast and crew had to put in long hours to put on the play.

  Freshman Anna Feild went to see the play twice.

“The whole cast put on an excellent production. I love them all, and they are all extremely talented at what they do,” said Feild.

Fall Break

  Students went away for Thanksgiving break from the 22-28. The Keystone exams then took up most of December, from the 5-16.

Indoor Color Guard

  Indoor color guard started right after Thanksgiving break, and they are currently working towards their first competition on the 21.

Different groups perform at the Winter Concert. Photo by: Sandy Lemmon (@WarriorsADM) on Twitter.

Winter Concert

  Before winter break, the school put on the winter concert, which consisted of choir, orchestra, jazz, and band. The concert took place on December 18.

  Freshman Anna Feild, who is in choir, thought that the concert was successful.

  “I think that it went really well and there was a big turnout. We worked hard on the music and I’m glad that people came to see it,” said Feild.

Winter Break

  Winter break took place from December 23- January 2, and it was a much needed break for most students.

  The second quarter was very eventful, and although there is much more that happened in and outside of the school, these are just the highlights.