Welcome to Winter Fashion

By Jayde-Rhiannon Jackson, Photo Editor

 As the dead of winter starts to slowly approach, men and women start to wonder what outfits are fashionable and affordable in the winter time.

Women Fashion

  Bodysuits have become the number one go to, replacing t-shirts. There are multiple ways to wear this, with jeans, a skirt or even sweatpants as that has become common. Bodysuits come in multiple different styles, such as long sleeves, sleeveless, lace and some even have turtlenecks. 

This is the draped beige body suit from H&M. Credit to H&M photographer.

   Shoes are also a big part of fashion; they complete the outfit. Many look for shoes to fit with their outfits but struggle because they can’t find shoes that look good with an outfit. Some girls prefer flats while others like heels more. Platform shoes can come in both heels and a flat shoe and provide a sturdy surface that is comforting to wearers. 

Platform Heels from Forever 21 look good with a bodysuit. Credit to Forever 21 photographer.
Puma platform sneakers from Dolls Kill look good with the bodysuit previously mentioned or a t-shirt and jeans. Credit to Dolls Kill photographer.

Men’s Fashion

  Most men do not view fashion as a top priority, but even if they do not, sweaters are definitely a must have for this winter. 

  Crew neck sweaters with a little extra length in a gray or beige color always look good with a dark pair of jeans. With an outfit like this, Vans and a pair of Timberlands would put the outfit together completely. 

This crew neck sweater from PacSun looks good with jeans. Credit to PacSun photographer.

  During fashion week at the beginning of 2016, most trends from the late 1900s have been coming back. Denim on denim is just one example. Men and women have both been able to successfully pull this look off. 

This denim on denim look from Paris Fashion Week 2016. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi created this look. Credit to WGSN Insider.
Denim on denim street style from Paris Fashion Week 2016. Many tourists or locals tried this look out during the fashion week. Credit to Vogue magazine.

  The denim on denim look continues to shock many and leave people waiting for more. Looking good while being warm during the winter is another way to show confidence which most lack during the winter.