Student Council Raises Holiday Funds

By Autumn Polanowski, Reporter

  Student Council started a holiday fundraiser to raise money for the Adopt-A-Family Fundraiser from November 1 through December 2


Adopt-A-Family Donations
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 They have been a part of the fundraising event for a couple of years and wants to keep spreading this holiday cheer in the years to come.

  Freshman Annie Hebel explains the process that Student Council arranged to be able to help with the fundraiser.

  “It started out with the tree in the lobby that students and staff could take items that they could go out and purchase and bring to us,” said Hebel. “Then we placed in homeroom envelopes for students and staff to put money in so that we could raise money for the fundraiser. Then we collected it all and gave it to the Southern Community Services building.”

Lobby Christmas Tree

  The goal for this year was for Student Council to raise $3,000, but, in total, the school came up with $2,783.

  Student Council is planning to hopefully double the amount or add money to the total made so they can actually reach their goal for the year by Student Council matching the donated amount of money that the school donated and then giving it to the fundraiser.

  Junior Miranda Shaffer is involved in Student Council and shares the different activities with trying to raise money for this event.

  “We were hoping to make $3,000, but we only raised $2,783. But we were also involved with a door to door donation and on October Fun Night we were able to make about $70 in donations for the fundraiser,” said Shaffer.

  Business education teacher Kellin McCullough is excited to participate in the fundraiser again and is already starting to come up with ideas for next year’s goal.

  “We are going to still work for that $3.000 goal,” said McCullough. “We could definitely hit homerooms a lot better because as a school we only raised 500 and some dollars. But we’re ready, and we always are looking forward to it.”


Photo Courtesy: Adopt-A-Family Web Page

Adopt-A-Family is thankful every year for Susquehannock’s participation in their fundraising event. Student Council is ready to take it on again during next year’s holiday season.

  For more information on the Adopt-A-Family fundraising event please visit: