Seniors Present Candidate Presentations

By Autumn Polanowski, Reporter

Senior students from Susquehannock High School went to Southern Middle and Elementary School to present their creative presentations about the election and its candidates on November 8.
Seniors were split into groups in their government classes based off of the candidate’s background, political background, their education, and what they plan on doing for their country by creating a visual presentation based on the candidates of the 2016 election. Each group was given a different topic to present.
Government teacher Kevin Lawrence thought the day was successful overall.

“I thought they went well. There seemed to be educational value for the elementary school students the middle school students and the high school students,” said Lawrence. “So there was value for all of them then to do this that made it be a success. I think there is some tweaks that we will be made for next time that will make it more of a success.”
Students were given six days to create their presentations in their government classes. Each presentation was unique in its own way.
Lawrence picked people from each class to take their presentations over to either the middle or elementary school to present in front of groups of students. Every six minutes the groups would switch, leaving the seniors presenting for two hours total.
Six groups presented in the morning and six groups presented in the afternoon for both the middle school and the high school. Then the students switched out with twelve other groups to both schools.

At the elementary school students were excited about the presentations.

Republican Elephant Symbol
Republican Elephant Symbol

Senior Justin Plourde presented to the elementary schoolers.

Democratic Donkey Symbol
Democratic Donkey Symbol

“While presenting to the future generations of Susky, I think they learned a lot during the presentations,” said Plourde. “They asked engaging questions on the candidates and showed they had interest on the topic which was interesting because they are so young.”
While some groups presented to the elementary school, Senior Lucas Gartrell presented at Southern Middle School as well.
“It was interesting to see how interested young students where in the election and it was impressive that they knew so much about the candidates already,” said Gartrell. “It was a learning experience for them and honestly, for me too. I thought this was something definitely worth doing.”
More improvements will be made to make this event even more successful for next year.