Field of Screams Haunts the Night

By Jayde Jackson, Reporter

 Field of Screams is a haunted house attraction and one of the number one places for teens and adults to go for a good fright during the fall months.

  Visitors can attend: The Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland. These attractions are about thirty to forty minutes each. As you go through attractions, volunteer actors could be just around the corner, ready to give you a good scare. 

Three of the actors from Field of Screams roaming around the entertainment area.
Jayde-Rhiannon Jackson
Three of the actors from Field of Screams roaming around the entertainment area.

  On the Haunted Hayride, visitors are taken through a series of stops where they are locked in, and actors pop out or jump onto the wagon to scare them. This is the only attraction where the guests are sitting. A few of these stops include clowns, rednecks and an execution. The Haunted Hayride is definitely worth the cost. Many of the riders were screaming, and others were having a good time with their friends.  

BonJo the Clown with Jayde Jackson at Field of Screams.
BonJo the Clown with Freshman Jayde Jackson at Field of Screams.

  Den of Darkness is a walk through where there is almost zero light with many different rooms. These rooms include many actors jumping out at the guests, and lots of gore is included in the rooms. The black and white checkered room is very popular among many other haunted attractions across the country. Many will fall into the walls as they have no idea where they are going. Den of Darkness had almost no line, but is loved among many people who visit Field of Screams. 

A prop in the Den of Darkness attraction walk through.
Alyssa Stranathan
A prop in the Den of Darkness attraction walk through.

  Frightmare Asylum is the most popular and has the longest line out of all the attractions. The black and white checkered room is also included in this attraction, but many people jump out at the people passing through- unlike Den of Darkness. Frightmare Asylum was advertised as the scariest attraction, but many of the guests would disagree as they were not frightened by the actors in this attraction.

  Nocturnal Wasteland is an outdoor attraction like the Haunted Hayride. This attraction mainly focuses on many toxic gases that can kill you. It is the least popular attraction, but it is one of the scariest.  

  The prices for the attractions are a little expensive and start at $18 for each attraction and $34 for all four attractions. Each of the attractions have special actors that are specifically meant for the certain event.

  Field of Screams is advertised as if the attractions will get your heart racing in fear. Field of Screams can be scary if the guests are easily frightened, but most are not too scared. The attractions are scary as many do not know what is coming.

  Field of screams has a scare level of a five. From my point of view, I was not too scared from the attractions and some of it’s actors.

  These attractions are worth the money if you are looking to find yourself having a good time, but not if you are looking to be scared enough to run completely out of the attractions.