New Jersey Gift Collection

The list of gift recommendations for the drive.

A school-wide collection for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey was sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes last week.

According to a New Jersey website (, Hurricane Sandy destroyed over 72,000 homes and businesses and caused an estimated 36.9 billion dollars in damage, meaning that thousands of families may have higher priorities then Christmas gifts this year.

Junior Alyson Fair of the FCA pointed to the media’s devastating images as the reason to donate.

“It really hurt the hearts of the people in our organization to see [all the destruction] on the news, and we just wanted to do something to help,” said Fair.

The expectation was that students will bring in gifts meant for other teenagers, items that they would want to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Necessary items such as non-perishable food and water are a part of the collection, but the main focus is on Christmas gifts.

Fair explained the importance of donating gifts rather then just emergency supplies.

“A lot of times, when there is a big drive, people bring in a lot of things, like food items and water, that are not really for Christmas,” Fair said. “We want to give [the victims of Hurricane Sandy] a Christmas.”

If one is unsure of what to donate, the FCA placed lists in every homeroom of general gifts ideas. Check the lists for inspiration.

If there is no time to shop, Instructional Assistant Toni Shearer gives another way to donate.

“People who don’t have time to shop have been giving donations. We [the FCA] shop for them, and then give back the receipts so they can see what was purchased,” said Shearer.

As for gifts, collection areas were located next to Wesley Myers art classroom and at Shearer’s room—next to Stephanie South’s room on the second floor.

The deadline for the donations was December 12, as the gifts will be transported to New Jersey on Dec. 16.

A group of students traveled to New Jersey on Dec. 16 to deliver the gifts to a church that has teamed up with a local food pantry. The two groups distributed the donations in time for Christmas.