Green Day: Revolution Radio

By Jayde-Rhiannon Jackson, Photo Editor

   Green Day put out their newest album Revolution Radio on October 7 as well as  the Revolution Radio tour.

  Revolution Radio is currently at number ten on the “Billboard 200” chart. The only problem for Green Day is that within the first week of the album being out, they only sold around 74,000-79,000 copies. Long time fans have been very satisfied with the album, but Green Day is having a hard time drawing new listeners in.

  “Bang, Bang,” the top song on the album, talks about some of the more serious events going on in the world around us. In the intro of the song it says, “This is definitely not the first video to surface of an execution.” This is talking about ISIS and the video that they released from them. The song sets an almost dangerous tone as if someone in the world is in danger. 

Screenshot from the "Bang Bang" music video.
Tim Armstrong
Screenshot from the “Bang Bang” music video.

  “Youngblood” is a very upbeat, punk song which Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, wrote for his wife Adrienne. The lyrics say “She’s my little youngblood.” This means that Adrienne keeps him feeling young, even when they are old and grey.

  “Revolution Radio,” the title song of the album, talks about a revolution and how this revolution will be publicised through music. Armstrong is telling the listeners that the protest will not be stopped. The lyrics say “Give me rage, like there is tear gas in the crowd.” This talks about how no matter what the protesters go through, they will still continue to fight for what they want.

  “Still Breathing” is slowed down just a little more than the rest of the songs on Revolution Radio. When Armstrong says “‘Cause I’m still breathing on my own,” what he means is that even after everything he has been through in his lifetime, he is “still breathing” and is still making his way through life on his own.

  Revolution Radio has been just what the Green Day fans wanted to hear from them. The whole album is definitely worth what the listeners pay for. 

Photoshoot of Green Day for the Revolution Radio.
Frank Maddocks
Photoshoot of Green Day for the Revolution Radio album.