Logan Garvey Crowned Homecoming Queen

Senior Logan Garvey is set to graduate in 2017.

Senior Logan Garvey is set to graduate in 2017.

Mia Kobylski, Reporter

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 Every year, a group of senior girls compete against each other for the title of Homecoming Queen.

  This year, senior Logan Garvey was granted the title and was very surprised to hear that she had won.

  “It was really surreal…they said my name, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I walked up and I was so shocked,” said Garvey.

Senior Logan Garvey is set to graduate in 2017.

Senior Logan Garvey is set to graduate in 2017.

  Garvey’s escort, junior Kaleb Fair, is very proud of his friend and believes that she has earned the title.

  “I was extremely excited for her because all of those girls deserved to be up there…,” said Fair.

  Garvey is a large contributor to Susquehannock, as she participates in Aevidum, Theatre, Link Crew, The Courier and Student Council.

  Garvey works hard to make the school climate positive for all types of students and is a prominent student leader within the district according to guidance counselor Matthew Shervington.  

  “The best way to describe Logan is ‘leader.’ I think a lot of people want to be leaders, and a lot of people have that quality within them, but few people really grasp that role the way she does,” said Shervington.

   She is a highly regarded student at Susquehannock and a great friend to those who have the privilege to know her.

  “She’s a friend but she’s also a role model. She has so many amazing qualities. She’s trustworthy, … generous and kind. She’s really friendly, a lot of positive and enthusiastic energy…,” said Fair


Logan Garvey and her escort, Kaleb Fair, take photos before the dance.

 The staff at Susquehannock appreciates all of the contributions she has made to the district, and believe that what she has done at Susquehannock has lead up to earning the crown.

“I think it’s a great culmination of the last four years of hard work… I think it’s representative of… this young lady who’s going to represent your student body as the Homecoming Queen has done all of these things to better the student body over the last four years,” said Shervington.


 Garvey does not know what four-year school she would like attend, but she will major in communications and minor in Spanish.


Garvey and her friends pose for photos at the dance.