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Mike Younkin, Commentary Editor

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Doctor Strange

  Though it was already more or less commonplace knowledge that Benedict Cumberbatch was selected to play the character Steven Strange in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, the trailer was a fantastic first look at how they will portray the Sorcerer Supreme. Based on the trailer, they are following the comics brilliantly.

  In the comics, Steven Strange is a world renowned brain surgeon. The only problem is that he is an unbelievable jerk. However, through a series of misfortunate events, he ends up having pretty much every bone in his hands destroyed and can no longer perform surgeries. So, in an effort to heal his hands, he makes a journey to a mysterious sage hidden in the mountains, whom he hopes will heal his hands. What follows is… magical.


Suicide Squad

   This trailer was, indeed, released a while ago, but the fact that it was set to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a truly artful touch. The song went so well with the actions of the video and instantly draws your attention.

  Moving past the soundtrack, this trailer did a great job showing us the characters of this film, going from Amanda Waller, the manipulative master of the Suicide Squad, to Harley Quinn, Dead Shot, Killer Croc, Enchantress, Captain Boomerang, and the Joker.

  On the topic of the Joker, this is the first live action Joker we have seen since the Dark Knight’s Joker, played by Heath Ledger, who unfortunately committed suicide after. While original responses to Jared Letto’s Joker were iffy at first, I have to say that the more I see him, the more I am kind of getting on board with this new portrayal.

Angry Birds

  Unlike many video game movies, this one looks like it will be pretty funny. The general concept is that the movie’s protagonist is Red, the iconic standard bird from the game. Red is part of an anger management class and is not very good at it. In fact, all of the characters from the game can be found in the anger management class. However, these misunderstood heroes receive a call to action when pigs arrive on the island the birds live on and try to steal the birds’ eggs.


The Secret Life of Pets

   It is safe to say that anyone with a pet has wondered two things: what does their pet do while they’re gone and what is their pet thinking. Based on what the trailer shows, this movie intends to answer this as a brilliantly creative animated movie.

  The movie follows Max, a fairly small dog that is utterly devoted to his owner. While the other animals party like there’s no tomorrow as soon as the owners leave, Max sits at the door, waiting desperately for his owner, Katie, to return. Unfortunately, one day, she brings home a larger dog to be his “friend.” Max is apparently crushed, and, through a series of squabbles between the two dogs, they end up outside and picked up by the pound. Max’s friends then go on an epic journey to save him.

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Trailers to Watch, Movies to See