Together, We Stand. Divided, We Fall


By Michael Younkin, Commentary Editor

  The latest movie in the Marvel Comics© franchise, Captain America: Civil War, released on Friday, May 6. It made over 181 million domestically opening weekend, placing it in 5th for the largest opening weekend.

  Watching it was a much-needed purifier after the sin against humanity that was Batman vs. Superman. Civil War was beautifully done, following the comics it was based on better than possibly any other superhero movie ever written.

  That being said, several people agreed that there seemed to be something missing from it. Perhaps it was the lack of anyone dying in such a major event in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps it was the rather unsatisfying solution to dealing with the Winter Soldier. It might even be the fact that we never really got a whole lot in it other than a few new character reveals that would further the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU).

  Regardless of the cause, I left the movie feeling like something was missing, even though I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  The reveals of the two new heroes Spiderman and Black Panther were absolutely fantastic. I would argue that Spiderman, as big a hero he is in the Marvel Universe, deserved a solo movie before being put in a multi-hero movie, and I would also say that his costume still needs a little work. On the whole, however, Tom Holland did a brilliant job of playing his new role as Spiderman.

  Holland’s voice and acting, in particular, was closer to the flippant, joking Spiderman that fans know and love. It was something that neither Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire ever managed to completely capture. Garfield played too cool, too popular, of a Peter Parker, and Maguire was not a particularly great actor; though there have been worse, and I did enjoy the movies he starred in.

  Black Panther, however, was spot on. His costume, in particular, was astounding, as well as his voice and retractable claws. In the future, I would like to see him get more weapons that were seen in the comics, but for our first sighting of the man was glorious. Chadwick Boseman should be commended for his role as T’Challa, the Black Panther.

  The last new character we saw was the criminal mastermind Zemo. Zemo, while he was indeed brilliant in his plans and such, was kind of lacking in his ability to capture the character fully. In the comics, Zemo is as deadly a fighter as he is a brilliant strategist. The Zemo seen in Civil War was most definitely NOT a fighter. While it wasn’t truly necessary to make him one, I was a bit disappointed that he never really fought a single battle.

  That being said, had he been a fighter in this, it likely would not have turned out as well as it did.

  Overall, this movie did a brilliant job making up for its rival, DC comics, failure. I fully recommend anyone that enjoys a good superhero movie go to see this movie.