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Trump Will Be RNC’s Nominee

Mitchell Green, Reporter

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John Kasich announced last Wednesday that he is officially dropping out of the presidential race shortly after another party member, senator Ted Cruz, did the same. Kasich told CNN he was sitting on a plane bound for a campaign fundraiser in Washington when he said he “had a change of heart” and decided he would no longer continue in the race.

Because Kasich was the last challenger of Donald Trump within the Republican Party, Trump will become the nominee and will have to face off against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election this November. Kasich’s dropping out will make the effort to keep Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegate threshold a lost cause, as there is now no one to prevent him from doing so.

The to-be Republican nominee currently has a new wave of opposition he will have to face in Nebraska and West Virginia in Today’s Primary, despite having the endorsement of Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts. As of now, many anti-Trump Republicans have said they will not vote for him, but are also unwilling to vote Democratically.

These two states, evidently more liberal, were considered “favorable ground” for Bernie Sanders by CNN’s Talia Kopan. With the deadline for party nominations looming near, Sanders needs all the support he can get in order to close the nearly 300 delegate gap between himself and Clinton. Despite the almost impossible mathematical odds he faces, Sanders has gone on record a number of times saying he “will stay in the race until the last vote is counted.”

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The student news site of Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.
Trump Will Be RNC’s Nominee