Senior Advice: Get Involved

By Michael Younkin, Commentary Editor

  When you leave high school, make sure that you have something to show for it. High school takes up four years of your life, and to graduate with nothing to show for it is a travesty.

  Too often, I see people sitting in the corner, ignoring the rest of the world. They put in their headphones and blot everything else out. Then, they say later on that they are lonely and have no friends. Well, that tends to be the case when you never make the effort to come out of the corner.

  My advice is to get involved. Pick a sport, an activity, a club, or some other area of school involvement, and do it. My parents require my brothers and I to do one activity a year, but all three of us choose to do more. It doesn’t matter what sport or activity it is, just pick one and stick with it.

  From that sport or activity, you will make friends. Some of my closest friends are on the wrestling team, a team that I have been on not just since my freshman year, but since 7th grade.

  Not only does it give you a place to make friends, but it also makes school more enjoyable. I enjoy going to school during my sports seasons because school means practice. It has made my school years something to enjoy, instead of dread.

  It also helps with grades. Some people argue that sports take time away from school work, and that is why they can’t do sports. This is actually a reason to join them. Our school’s eligibility requirements demand that you keep your grades up. This pressure helps many athletes keep their focus on schoolwork. The other way it helps is the busier your schedule, the less time there is to mess around.

  Essentially, getting involved and sticking with your chosen activity will improve your time at high school, so get involved.