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An Artist in the Making

Allure Sapp, Reporter

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When we were younger, we all had dreams to draw on walls.

There was just something about a white wall that made it so tempting to pull out a crayon or marker and  draw our little hearts away.

Photo of Jackson outlining her wall with the help of her brother senior Khalil Jackson Photo By:Allure Sapp

Jackson outlines her wall with the help of her brother, senior Khalil Jackson.
Photo By:Allure Sapp

Well, freshman Khyretha Jackson got that opportunity when she showed her parents that she really had a passion for drawing.

In January, Jackson gave herself two months to draw whatever she wanted.

Picture of one of the walls that Jackson completed Photo by:Allure Sapp

This is one of the walls that Jackson completed.
Photo by:Allure Sapp

“I just wanted to show my talents and wake up to something that I am very proud of, “ said Jackson.

At the age of nine, Jackson’s first drawing was of her name in bubble letters.

“ My first ever drawing was kind of basic because it was my name,” said Jackson. “Me drawing my name was special to me because I…[saw] my artistic abilities for the first time. It was the start of something new for me.” 

Jackson just finished drawing and outlining in black, and now she is getting ready to paint everything so that it can all come together. Jackson said she spends most of her time drawing and on her phone, looking at stuff to draw.

“ Everyone in my house has at least one thing that I have drawn in their room. Sometimes I just draw just to do it, and then I have nothing to do with it, so I give it to family,” said Jackson. “I don’t really have certain style. I challenge myself and just draw anything, “ said Jackson.  

Jackson  plans to go to college for drawing and has dreams to pursue a career as an artist.

This photo is of what she thinks of herself. Photo By: Allure Sapp

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The student news site of Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.
An Artist in the Making