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North Korea Sends Missile After Missile

The East Sea received two missiles sent by North Korea on Friday. The country’s latest provocation was simply to covered this news topic gathering pictures of the missiles North Korea sent.

North Korea sent off two missiles into the East Sea. Screen shot from

demonstrate force and power against international pressure to give up their nuclear program. One missile fell within the Japan Air Defense Identification Zone, while the other was said to have disappeared off the radar, shortly after it was launched. The US and South Korean militaries are keeping a close watch on North Korea for any signs of future prodding, as claimed by The Korea Times.

King Tut’s Grave is ‘Alive’ and Surely Not Forgotten
It’s been 3,339 years, and we have yet to see what lies behind King Tut’s tomb. But, patience is key. With the use of

Photo by showing the radar tests occurring in King Tut's grave.

Photo by showing the radar tests occurring in King Tut’s grave.

ongoing radar scanning for almost a decade, walls have revealed that there are hidden chambers, as well as unidentified objects within them. Archeologists have stated that such objects may be made of metal and organic materials. Later this month, the National Geographic team, along with archeologists, will revisit the tomb continuing more radar tests. These tests will be able to identify the wall thickness, which will help further the investigation process, according to National Geographic.

Starbucks Says Hello to Spring

Starbucks is making winter easy to forget with their new Cherry Blossom Frappucino. Getting the name from the

Starbucks recently released their new Cherry Blossom Frappuccino. Screen shot taken from

Starbucks recently released their new Cherry Blossom Frappuccino. Screenshot taken from

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree, this Spring special will be sold at participating stores until March 20. However, don’t let the name of this drink fool you; it doesn’t actually contain cherries. According to the press release, this new drink is “a delicious blend of sweet strawberries and cream, striped with white chocolate sauce and matcha drizzle and topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of matcha,” which gives its pink and green Spring look. Going along with the Spring theme, Starbucks also added a Citrus Green Tea Latte to their menu permanently, as stated by POPSUGAR.

Thank You “I, Orca”

Thanks to the ongoing, influential protests from PETA, SeaWorld has finally announced that they will no longer breed Orcas. While SeaWorld may be the one of the largest and most known aquariums in the US, the treatment of

This is a screenshot from the "I, Orca" campaign. SCreenshot taken from

This is a screenshot from the “I, Orca” campaign. Screenshot taken from

their whales has been an ongoing conflict for years. Collapsed dorsal fins, being kidnapped and held in captivity were signs early on that SeaWorld’s Orcas were not bred healthily, as can also be supported by the Blackfish documentary. The PETA team has worked hard to expose SeaWorld’s unnatural conditions and short life spans of their animals with their project called “I, Orca.” With their persistent actions and celebrity supporters, SeaWorld agreed that this generation will be the last to suffer. After the current generation, whales will not longer be held captive and will now be able to enjoy a natural life outside of their tanks according to SeaWorld Hurts.

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New Week, New News