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Susquehannock Swing Dance Returns in February

Ariel Barbera, Reporter

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 Susquehannock’s jazz band students will host another jubilant swing dance this Friday. 

First held last year in March, the popular swing dance was a craze among students and is sure to bring that same excitement back from last year.

Sophomore Brendan Paules is excited to contribute to this year’s swing dance and enjoyed participating in last year’s event.

“I know a lot of people that danced around last year that had a good time, so I believe more people will be back,” said Paules.

Coming with the swing dance will be a new concert from the Susquehannock band.  The band has scheduled the concert to take place on the same weekend as the swing dance.

Sophomore Connor Skevington is participating in jazz band for his second year now and enjoyed playing music for the many people that attended.

“We’re playing older songs, not from the 2000’s.  Some of the songs are Latin… slower songs… It’s not all fast jazz,” said Skevington.

Junior Addie Achterberg is excited about this year’s swing dance and is eager to see how many people will attend.

“At least, over a hundred people attended last year,” said Achterberg.

Last year the jazz band enjoyed playing older songs while learning to swing dance as well.

“Last year we played music while we learned to swing dance,” said Skevington.  “We didn’t have many students come last year.  It was mostly adults from the community.  We had some students show up, though.”

There aren’t many differences from this year’s swing dance from last year’s.  The only minor changes will be the location that the event is occurring in.

“There is going to be a lot of the same music, but we moved the location over to Southern Elementary since it was so popular last year,” said Paules.  “I think the turnout could be different crowds with new students attending.”

This year’s Susquehannock swing dance will take place on Friday, February 5.  Tickets cost $12 for adults and $10 for students with the event taking place from 6-10 p.m.

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Susquehannock Swing Dance Returns in February