Seniors and Juniors Go Head To Head in Powder Puff


By Grace Burns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

   Amidst the enthusiasm in the air during homecoming week, senior and junior girls prepped for an annual face-off on the football field.  With faces covered in warpaint and flags strapped around their waists, the girls prepared to show that they were “tuff enuff for Powder Puff.”  The highly anticipated showdown took place on Wednesday, October 21 at 7 p.m. while boys from both grades cheered on the sidelines.

  The senior girls came out victorious, winning 20-6.  Senior Nia Bennett scored two touchdowns for the team, and fellow senior teammate Alexis Morin added another touchdown to lead the senior class to success.   With just two practices prior to the face-off, all of the member of both teams strove to enhance their skills and develop a sense of comradery among the girls.

  Art teacher Wesley Myers has been coaching Powder Puff for seven years and has since enjoyed the girls’ enthusiasm about playing football.

  “[My favorite part about coaching is] … as much as we have fun, that the girls genuinely want to learn what to do and know what to do,” said Myers.  

  As Powder Puff generally follows the rules for flag football, the girls on both teams gained some exposure to running various plays and positioning on the field.

  Senior Megan Green was ecstatic to participate in the event again after being on the team last year and commends her team this year for its overall unity.

  “Our team did really well,” said Green. “Our defense did awesome, and we worked well as a team.”

  Encouraging school-wide involvement and increasing the excitement surrounding homecoming have been long-standing goals of Powder Puff for tens of years.  Since the mid-1900’s, Powder Puff has been an annual tradition at a plethora of educational institutions.

  Junior Kate LeBlanc, who scored the sole touchdown for the juniors, would definitely encourage others to take part in the event in the future.

  “It’s always good to get involved in the school,” said LeBlanc. “[Powder Puff] is a positive school event … and it’s a good experience.”

  As future homecomings roll around, Powder Puff will continue to give upperclassmen a unique and unforgettable experience and facilitate school spirit.