The Choral Department Dedicates a Night to Broadway


By Grace Burns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

  In its first annual “Night of Broadway” concert, the choral music department delivered a captivating performance of interactive and familiar Broadway songs that left audience members enthralled on Wednesday, October 7 in the cafeteria.

  Both the chanticleer and concert choir were featured in the performance of a variety of musical numbers, including music from: Pippin, RENT, Wicked, Les Miserables, and several others. The concert showcased many beloved Broadway musicals that appealed to audience members of all ages.  

  Senior Michella Salvitti enjoyed “One Day More” from Les Miserables the most and greatly commends the performance overall.

  “I knew a lot of the songs,” said Salvitti. “They made it really personal, and you could see the singers’ personalities through their parts.”

  Not only was the concert a hit with the crowd, but it was also an awe-inspiring opportunity for those in the choral department.

  Senior and concert choir member Regan Lawlor has been a part of choir since her freshman year and was ecstatic to be a part of the memorable concert.

  “The Broadway music gave us more freedom to express ourselves and our voices,” said Lawlor. “It was a lot more fun, and it got the audience more interested.”   

  The relaxed and intimate atmosphere in the cafeteria also contributed to the uniqueness of the performance.  What the members of the choral department expected to be a low-key concert ended up being one where seats were hard to come by due to the massive crowd.  

  Sophomore and chanticleer and concert choir member Kaleb Fair, who was featured in “For Good” from Wicked and “I’ve Decided to Marry You” from A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder, has been participating in choir since fifth grade and was absolutely thrilled with the turnout.

  “The amount of people from school who came who did not necessarily have a sibling in it was amazing,” said Fair. “[The turnout] exceeded expectations.”

  A mere five weeks of preparation led up to the spellbinding concert, which is evidence of the members’ strong work ethic and dedication.  Many members would agree that the unity and overall enthusiasm about being a part of the choir make for an extremely enjoyable experience.

  Sophomore Brendan Paules, who has been singing in choir since fifth grade, joined Fair in a duet for “For Good.”  As a member of both the chanticleer and concert choir, Paules continues to thoroughly enjoy his choral experience.

  “[My favorite part about being in choir is] the people and the atmosphere not only at the concerts, but also at the day-to-day rehearsals,” said Paules. “It makes it a lot more enjoyable when … you can tell that they love being in choir.”

  With such a successful and unforgettable first annual concert, it is clear that audiences can look forward to many more “nights of Broadway” to come.