Do You Want to be in the Spotlight?

By Michael Younkin, Commentary Editor

   Walk by the library, and you’ll probably notice the artwork.

This is known as the Senior Spotlight, where one senior artist’s work is displayed prominently on the wall. Past artists have included alumni Brandi Bradford, Melissa Lynch, and Hannah Wistort. Each of them were picked by photography and electronic arts teacher Wade Bowers.

  To get your art featured, you must be a senior, and your work must exceed that of the average high school artist. Bowers picks the students from his photo/electronic arts seminar class to put on display. The artist of the month then has his or her art displayed for that month.

  “I try to pick students that have enough art in their portfolio to have [a] good display,” said Bowers

  To achieve artist of the month is a goal that many artists in Susquehannock share. One such artist is senior Rachel Pugaczewski. “It feels good to have your art recognized,” said Pugaczewski. She plans to work on building her portfolio, focusing on realistic drawings to further her goals for her future career. She wants to be a medical illustrator, so she plans to practice her skill at realistic drawing this year.

  Another likely candidate for an artist of the month is senior David Gallegos. Gallegos plans to also work on building his portfolio with surrealism, traditional Japanese art and abstract art. 

Time will tell which artists make the wall.