The English Department Welcomes Student Teacher

By Grace Burns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

  Imagine a classroom with widespread teamwork, constant respect and compassion.  This is the vision York College student and student English teacher Samantha Ribera has for her classroom.   During Ribera’s time as a student teacher, until December 18, she will partner with English teachers Timothy Groth and Katharine Wilt.  

  Wilt, who has never taught with a student teacher in previous years, is looking forward to incorporating Ribera into the classroom and collaborating with her throughout her time in the building.

  “I want her to be able to practice what she’s learned over the years,” said Wilt. “I want to work with her to come up with new ideas and new strategies.  I think we’re just going to be a team in here.”

Wilt is looking forward to integrating Ribera into her classroom. Photo By: Grace Burns
Wilt is eagerly anticipating Ribera’s involvement in her classes.  Photo By: Grace Burns

  To start, Ribera will act as a helping hand and observer in order to familiarize herself with how classes run.  Near the end of her experience as a student teacher, Ribera will be fully immersed in the life of a teacher as she will take over lesson plans and grading.  Learning to work alongside other teachers and building relationships with students are some things that Ribera hopes to take away from the hands-on experience.

  So far, Ribera has greatly enjoyed her time as a student teacher after a warm welcome from both students and staff.

  “Everything has been amazing,” said Ribera. “All of the teachers have been really helpful.  They are all doing everything they can to make me feel comfortable, and the students have been really polite and kind.”

  Groth is already impressed by what Ribera has brought to the table as she settles into her position.

  “She brings a lot of new ideas to the classroom,” said Groth. “She gives me a great sounding board for different things I want to try.”

Groth looks forward to integrating Ribera into his teaching routine. Photo By: Grace Burns
Groth looks forward to integrating Ribera’s ideas into his teaching routine. Photo By: Grace Burns

  New technological methods will play a major role in Ribera’s contributions.  The upcoming Chromebooks provide a platform for Ribera to incorporate various education applications and interactive methods of teaching.

  Ribera was thrilled to discover that she would be student teaching at Susquehannock because she is extremely fond of the small community surrounding the school.  Having recently moved to York, Ribera hopes to ultimately pursue a career as a high school English and creative writing teacher in the nearby area.

  With a promising start to her time as a student teacher, Ribera will be obtaining new skills and learning alongside students this school year.