Joan Krebs Bids Farewell After 37 Years

By Grace Burns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Beloved custodian Joan Krebs will retire at the end of the school year, leaving behind a legacy of fierce professional dedication to her job.

Keeping the school clean and orderly has been Krebs’s priority as a daytime custodian for the past 37 years.  Before working at the school, Krebs was mainly a housewife who was focused on raising her three children.  From the time she began working at the school, it became evident that she was a devoted employee.  Whether shoveling snow in the winter or mopping the cafeteria floors, Krebs has since proved to be an exceptionally loyal staff member who is genuinely concerned about completing tasks to the best of her ability.

Chief Financial & Operations Officer Dr. Wayne McCullough commends Krebs for her dedication and loyalty to the work she does for students and staff.

“She’s an outstanding employee,” said McCullough. “First of all, she has a tremendous work ethic … as importantly, she cares about what she’s doing.”

Some of Krebs’s fondest memories include the students’ and staff’s support when she broke her ankle and later underwent cancer treatments.

“I couldn’t believe the outpouring of support from the student body,” said Krebs.

Computer lab assistant Carol Martin worked alongside Krebs and has since admired her positivity and attentiveness to her work.

“She goes above and beyond and always has,” said Martin.

Martin lightheartedly recalls Krebs’s playful side while the two were engaging in summer cleaning, and Krebs hid in an empty carton and surprised Martin.  Krebs’s uncanny ability to effectively complete her job while also spreading joy to those around her is clearly undeniable.

Above all other aspects of her position, Krebs will miss those around her at school every day.

“[My favorite part of the job has been] all the students and staff,” said Krebs.

Her kind-hearted personality has been one of her most memorable qualities according to many students and staff members.

Senior Jackie Ditt is grateful for Krebs’s continual graciousness as an employee.

“[I have appreciated] the positive influences she has had on the students around her and the way she can brighten up someone’s day,” said Ditt.

McCullough has greatly enjoyed working alongside Krebs and believes her positive impact on the school has been monumental.

“I’ll be forever grateful for knowing Joan and also thankful for all she’s done for us,” said McCullough.

During retirement, Krebs is greatly looking forward to flexible sleeping hours and more time with her husband and grandchildren.

Walking the clean, safe hallways of the school can serve as a reminder to appreciate all of the hard work Krebs has put into her job.  Krebs’s commitment to maintaining such a high standard of cleanliness has and will be treasured for years to come.