iFunny: The app that ALWAYS gets a laugh

By Michael Younkin, Commentary Editor

For anyone looking to have a good laugh, iFunny is the app for you. iFunny is a free app that allows you to upload, view, comment on and give a ‘smile,’ the app’s version of a thumbs up, to millions of Internet pictures. While some of the content is inappropriate, the app, for the most part, displays funny, ironic pictures to laugh at.

Junior Nick Williams, a user of iFunny, enjoys his use of the amusing app. “It’s always a good laugh, they have something good every day at easy times,” said Nick

iFunny has a rather unique view on the news and the Internet, acting as a roast for essentially the entire Internet. This makes iFunny at least partially responsible for the rapid spread of widely famous Internet memes, pictures that are used a symbols for many different circumstances, such as the “troll face” or the famous “philosoraptor.”

Be warned, however, there is also the infamous collectives category, where every photo uploaded is sent to first. Once there, the photos must gain enough smiles to make it to the coveted featured level. Otherwise, they are simply doomed to fade into memory in the collective bin. The darker side of iFunny, sadly, can be found in the collective category. When a user sees a post made in poor taste, there is a function in the app that allows anyone to report a post, so it can be removed. Because of this feature, with millions of users online, most distasteful subject matter is taken down quickly.

The comment section of iFunny is also a place to be careful. With no language filter, people are, unfortunately, free to throw whatever abuse they feel like at whomever they choose. They can throw their opinions around regardless of how cruel they are, and so they do.

The dark side of iFunny, however, is easily overshadowed by the good side. It allows users to view humorous takes on the world around us. It brings light to amusing, ironic truths. It allows everyone to have a say, and everyone to have a good laugh. Users can laugh with their friends and repost, share and save their favorite pictures to be enjoyed with their friends. Also on iFunny are gifs, which are silent short videos. You can share your favorite pictures and hope that you achieve the coveted feature level.


The Face of iFunny
This is the face of iFunny.