9th Annual College Fair Broadens Students’ Minds


By Grace Burns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Students and parents met with representatives from over 40 post-secondary institutions during the district’s ninth Annual Post-Secondary School/College Fair on March 24.

Prior to the fair, the guidance department presented “The College Admissions Process” in the auditorium to inform students and parents about the crucial elements associated with applying for college, including the admission criteria, application and transcript.

After the half-hour seminar, students and parents were directed into the cafeteria to visit the stands of numerous schools participating in the fair including Penn State, McDaniel College, Elizabethtown College, The Art Institute of York, the US Air Force and several others. A list of the institutions that attended can be found here.

Representatives inform students and parents about their institutions. Photo By: Grace Burns


Guidance counselor Kate Miklos assisted in the presentation beforehand and was overjoyed with the turnout of the fair.

“It gives [students and parents] the opportunity to talk with schools that they might not get the chance to go out and visit,” said Miklos. “They also may learn of a school that they never knew existed, and that may prompt them to go out and visit that school based on what programs they hear about…”

The wide variety of institutions demonstrated the diversity of post-secondary options that can cater to the interests of many students.

Fliers and brochures were offered to students and parents browsing the institutions.  Photo By: Grace Burns
Fliers and brochures were offered to students and parents browsing the institutions. Photo By: Grace Burns

Sophomore Julie Kingsborough hoped to gain knowledge of various schools in the area that she could picture herself attending by talking to multiple representatives at the fair.

“I wanted to look around and see the different colleges that have the programs I want to go into and get the feel for what colleges I might be interested in,” said Kingsborough.

Some students attended the fair in an effort to weigh the pros and cons of various colleges and gain more clarity with their contending schools.

Junior Julianne Martinez looked to narrow her list of potential colleges.

“It will eliminate options … of colleges that I do not want to attend, colleges that do not have the field I want to study in,” said Martinez.

Allowing the exploration of many different types of institutions in a welcoming environment, this year’s college fair was undoubtedly beneficial to students in their post-secondary search.