2019-2020 Staff

Emily Polanowski


Junior Emily Polanowski is the Editor In Chief for the Courier staff this year. She finds article writing and photography to be her favorite mediums. Outside of school, she enjoys working with the Susquehannock theater as a cos...

Sam Timlin

Social Media Editor

Sam Timlin is a returning reporter for the Courier this year as a junior. He is also involved in the school’s GSA Alliance, Lit Mag, and Aevidum. He is excited to bring his writing and photography skills back to the Courier ...

Alex Stine


Alex Stine is a freshman reporter for the Courier. She is excited to do more with the arts of photography and news writing. Outside of school, she plays field hockey and lacrosse. She also is interested in music and arts. Sh...

Kyle Joy


Freshman Kyle Joy is new to Susquehannock Courier this year. He plans to contribute a lot this year in Digital Media and even plans to retake this class next year. He loves playing soccer and basketball in his free time and also...

Connor Lucich


Senior Connor Lucich is a new reporter for the  Courier this year. He prefers article writing and sports editing. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music and playing sports, such as football...

Anna Joy


Senior Anna Joy is a reporter for the Courier. She is also involved in marching band and Tri-M. Outside of school, she enjoys reading and socializing. Joy is excited to learn more about the activities going on inside the scho...

Josh Franklin


Freshman Josh Franklin is a reporter for this year's Courier staff.

Evelyn Weldon


Freshman Evelyn Weldon is a reporter for the Courier this school year. She enjoys writing and hopes to improve her writing skills as the year goes on. Outside of school she likes to play soccer and basketball. She is most exc...

Tricia Rawleigh


Freshman Tricia Rawleigh, first year reporter, takes part in class council and is on the girls volleyball team. Rawleigh looks forward to photography and taking part in reporting for the sports section of the Courier.

Ian Davis


Freshman Ian Davis is a new reporter for the Courier staff this year. He is actively involved in the marching band and concert band. He also plays for a club baseball team outside of the school. He finds photography to be his f...

Peyton Savage


Freshman Peyton Savage is looking forward to writing for the Courier this year. She is hoping to gain some photography and writing skills. Peyton enjoys theater outside of school, working on set and costume design. She is exite...

Maggie Grim


Freshman Maggie Grim is a reporter for the Courier this year. Grim is a member of the varsity field hockey team. She is excited to contribute as a news anchor and reporter this year.

Matthew Schwanke


Senior Matthew Schwanke is a reporter for the SHS Courier staff. Matthew Schwanke hopes to do some photo journalism this year for the Courier. In his free time, Matthew is a varsity swimmer.

Mateo Vega


Senior Mateo Vega is a new member of the Courier staff this year. He joined the staff looking for a creative outlet for writing and to become more familiar with his community. Inside the school, Mateo is a member of the National...

Kai Fleming


Freshman Kai fleming is a new reporter for the Courier who enjoys photography and connecting with other people. They have also been part of the concert choir since the third grade, some of their hobbies include reading, photogra...

Curtis Clark


Curtis Clark is a new reporter for the Courier. He is on the Warrior's varsity football team. He is hoping to learn more about writing and journalism, as well as photography.

Kaylee Martin


Freshman Kaylee Martin is a new reporter for the SHS Courier. She is excited to start reporting and to bring news to the school. She takes part in the marching band for the school, and she is also planning to play lacrosse in the s...

KC O’Neill


Freshman KC O'Neill is a first-year reporter for the Courier. KC is excited to learn about the different aspects media has to offer. She is the varsity goalie for the high school's field hockey team and hopes to play goalie f...

Jacob Derkosh


Junior Jacob Derkosh is a reporter for the SHS Courier. He is hoping to help out with the Courier general news. Outside of school, Jacob enjoys running and gaming. While involved with SHS Courier, he hopes to learn a lot about...

Ava Holloway


Freshman Ava Holloway is a reporter for the Courier. She is most excited  to get more involved in student life and  to capture meaningful moments with photography. She is also involved in student council, as well as the socc...

Tim Hall


Tim Hall is a first year reporter for the Courier. He is also involved in the school's wrestling program. He is excited to write articles for the Courier and work with photography.

Mackenzie Womack

Sports Editor

Sophomore Mackenzie Womack is the Sports Editor for the Courier. She has been on the staff for the past two years. She is most excited about helping other people with their sports articles. Outside of school, she enjoys hanging ...

Anna Feild

Arts & Entertainment/Features Editor

Senior Anna Feild is the Arts & Entertainment/Features editor this year. She is excited to help fellow Courier staff members while also working on her own music blog. Inside of school, she participates in concert choir and Chanticleer...

Grace Gorham

Contributing Writer

Senior Grace Gorham is a contributing writer for the Courier this year. Outside of school, she rides horses competitively. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and spending time with her friends and animals....

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