Q & A with Dr. Sandra Lemmon

  Dr. Sandra Lemmon, Southern York County School District’s Assistant Superintendent, will replace current Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Hensley who is retiring at the end of this year.  Lemmon will serve as Superintendent from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2019, according to The Susquehannock News.  As an experienced and dedicated staff member of this district, Lemmon will undeniably prove an asset to the success of all of the students.









Q: What education did you undergo prior to pursuing a career in the educational field, gaining a doctorate, and qualifying for the superintendent position?

A: I started my education with my undergraduate degree at Frostburg State University, and I received a degree in early childhood, elementary, and middle school certification.  Then, when I graduated, I became a classroom teacher, and I taught for second and third grade.  Then I went back to college for my Master’s Degree at Loyola College, and I received that degree in administration, management and supervision.  I went to become an Assistant Principal and a Principal.  Then, I went back to school again.  In order to be a superintendent in Pennsylvania, you have to have a Letter of Eligibility, so I received that certification at Shippensburg University… Then, I went back to Drexel University to receive my Doctorate in Education.



Q: How did you become involved with the Southern York County School District?

A: I spent my first part of my career in the Maryland school system, and 13 years ago I saw that the advertisement for the principalship in Shrewsbury Elementary was open.  The more I researched about the school district and the community, I just fell in love with the philosophy and the belief that children always come first and its community feel.  I thought this would be a great place for me to call home, so I interviewed at Shrewsbury Elementary, and it was a wonderful place for me to be.



Q: How long have you served the school district?

A: 13 years – Eight years at Shrewsbury as the principal, two years as Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and that was kindergarten through 12th grade, so I worked with all five buildings, and three years as the Assistant Superintendent.



Q: What has been your experience with the school district been like so far?

A: … [I have been] able to be involved in many community activities … attending all the different concerts […] musical productions […] sports events and community-based events as well.



Q: Have you enjoyed a specific position? If so, why?

A:  I think I am so very fortunate because every position that I’ve had I’ve loved, and the number one reason is because I get to be around wonderful students … teachers and staff members that are all here for the right reasons to see wonderful kids do great things.



Q: Why did you want to become the new Superintendent?

A: Most importantly, because I believe so much in Southern York County, the students, the support of the parents, and the community.  It’s a place where we pride ourselves in excellence whether it’s in academics, sports, or the arts, and we all believe in the philosophy that we’re here for the students.  It’s a place where we’re all here for the right reasons and to make a difference for students.



Q: What qualifications do you possess for taking on this role?

A: The Doctorate in Education and the Letter of Eligibility, but then certainly experience of serving  as an administrator on the district level, and, in my case, that was with curriculum and Assistant Superintendent.



Q: What do you hope to accomplish as Superintendent?

A: To continue, certainly, the level of excellence that we pride ourselves [on] here in the district, to continue to ensure that all of our students have multiple course offerings [and that] our achievement continues to be at the highest level, to ensure that we continue to offer multiple opportunities and activities for our students in extracurricular activities, arts, music programs and sports, [to guarantee] that our whole environment best prepares students to go out and be successful in whatever they choose to do at the college level and in the work environment but also to [prepare them] be … well-rounded [students and individuals] with good character as well.



Q: What do you enjoy most about serving this school district?

A: The people that I serve each day and, most importantly, the students.