Words of Wisdom to Future Seniors

Words of Wisdom to Future Seniors

May 18, 2023

Here is advice from 2022-2023’s graduates to 2023-2024’s upcoming seniors.

Anne Jackson:  “Do the essay-based scholarship; it’s worth it.”  
Dominic Eckels:  “Do your work.”
  1. Lauren Paules: “ Always try new things!”
    Josie Sedgley: “Don’t dismiss how helpful a good relationship with your teacher will be.”
    Lacy Bailey Williams: “Live Life, take chances, you will be great.”
    Ava Holloway: “Nothing is that deep.”
    Josh Franklin: “It’s not that deep, just do your work.”
    Dylan Elliot: ”Do Dollars for Scholars. I promise you it’s worth it.”

    Ellie Dunaja: “Don’t Slack off! It will bite you at the end.”









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