Top 5 Fun Summer Activities

May 16, 2023

Imagine being young again and waking up on the first day of summer. You jump up and try to think of what to do today, and the possibilities are endless. HELP! Consider…


  • The Beach

Don’t forget to stop by the beach this summer to play in the sand or swim with the fish. The closest beaches are on the New Jersey and Delaware coasts, with Ocean City being a local favorite. Bring friends and family with you, so you have people to plan and hang out with. Now, go get that perfect summer tan!

You should go to the beach this summer. Photograph by Emily Christian
  • Water Park or Amusement Park 

There are a lot of fun things to do in a water park or amusement park, such as Hershey Park, located in nearby Hershey, PA. It’s suitable for families and friends to be together and have fun. Just make sure you wear sunscreen, or your fun day will end with sunburned skin.

Hershey Park is a great way to start summer with its awesome water park.
  • Carnival 

The carnival is another fun thing to do this summer that you can visit with family and friends. There are so many possibilities of activities to do at a carnival, including getting food, getting on carnival rides, playing games and even more possibilities. Carnivals such as the Shrewsbury Firemen’s Carnival or the New Freedom Carnival offer local adventures for just a week, with both week-long events ending with firework finales.


  • Summer Job 

Many teens get summer jobs to help them learn work ethic or save up for future cars or big investments, such as college. Many teens get the same job as their friends, so they can all work together and have fun while also working and saving money. Without schoolwork to worry about, there is plenty of time for students to work and earn money. Check out Cameron Smyth’s summer job piece. 

Photograph by @ritasice via Instagram
  • Hanging Out With Friends

Hanging out with friends over the summer is one of the most important activities

You can have so many fun nights with your friends this summer with bonfires, shopping, and more. When having a good time with friends, students cannot forget to be safe and make good decisions.

With only a few days of school left, it is time to start planning your summer adventures.





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