SHS Thrills with “James and the Giant Peach”

April 20, 2023

Susquehannock Theatre performed “James And The Giant Peach” on March 24-26.

The show started on the March 24 at 7 p.m. while on March 25-26 it ran at 2 p.m.

Junior Cordy Jenkins sings her solo song “Middle of the Moment.” Ensemble member junior Wyatt Gutridge had confidence in the group’s preparation for the musical. “Everyone should be excited for this play. It’s really fun, and …everyone will get something out of it. From the fantastic prop and set design to the costume work, this play is very creative and exciting,” said Gutridge. Photograph by Gabe Wede


Juniors Teddy Hill and Cordy Jenkins perform the song, “Plump and Juicy.” Senior ensemble member Brandon Boothe was confident of the musical’s success. “I am very excited for it,” Boothe said. “Rehearsal has been going really well, and everyone is so committed and ready to move forward. And I think in these last few days we are really starting to get things polished.” Photograph by Gabe Wede


Jenkins sings a very emotional song about the character’s dead parents.  This story follows a young boy named James, played by junior Cordy Jenkins, who accidentally spills a potion and grows a giant peach. His evil aunts, Spiker and Sponge, played by seniors Camille Rowe and Ellie Dunaja, use the peach as an opportunity to make money, and they show it off to the world. Later on, James goes to run away with the peach and finds new insect friends. Gutridge admits that this is not your typical musical. “This story is crazy different and tons of fun,” Gutridge said. Photograph by Gabe Wede



Senior Kyle Billings sings in the opening number. Rehearsals have been a real struggle for the cast and crew. “Rehearsals have been interesting because this is the first production we have not been able to do in the high school auditorium because of construction, so we have been learning in the cafeteria and are making our way over to the middle school,” Boothe said. Photograph by Gabe Wede

Kyle Tabak takes center stage portraying the character of Ladahlord. Fellow senior Erica Broadaway played Ladybug, while junior Teddy Hill portrayed Earthworm and sophomore Owen Lutz was cast as Centipede. “They all bring so much life to their characters,” Gutridge said. Photograph by Gabe Wede


Seniors Ellie Dunaja and Camille Rowe perform a song, “Property of Spiker and Sponge.” Student actors, stage crew, costume crew and pit members put so much time and effort into making productions happen, especially for “James and the Giant Peach” with the various obstacles. “I’m really excited for this musical, but I can say the stress level is really high because there is a lot that goes into making a production,” Gutridge said. “Plays are one thing, but musicals are so much more. More effort, more work, more everything.” Photograph by Gabe Wede



The largest presence on stage most times was the giant peach constructed by the crew. From costumes to props and set design, everything was built with so much detail and care. Photograph by Gabe Wede


The  cast pours their heart in soul into the performance. In preparation for this production cast members take singing lessons and learn dance choreography. “With all of these actors giving their all, I have no doubts they do an amazing job,” said Boothe. Photograph by Gabe Wede



It is not just the actors but the set builders and the crew that bring everything they have to their jobs. “Everyone, especially the crew, brings their A-game to their jobs on set,”  said Gutridge. Photograph by Gabe Wede

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