Get ‘Down’-ward with Yoga

February 28, 2023

The class is doing a one-leg hamstring stretch. Photograph by Andrea Hill

There have been a large number of students enrolled in yoga classes this school year.

Physical education teacher Abigail Grove teaches five class periods a day for yoga alone and feels that it is a great opportunity for students to learn and be healthy.

“Yoga can be worked at an individual pace even when we’re all doing the same movements,” Grove said. “There is a lot of variety in what we do day to day, such as [using] yoga balls, dance workouts, meditation, resistance bands, medicine balls and partner yoga.

Grove demonstrates a half-pigeon pose. Photograph by Andrea Hill

Yoga provides the opportunity for growth and flexibility as well as muscular strength and endurance.”

Sophomore Jenna Mummert takes period one yoga with Grove, starting off her day with her mind and body.

“I wanted something relaxing in my day,” Mummert said. “This class is kind of like a stress reliever where I’m able to stretch out and be mindful… even if  I’m having a stressful morning or I’m running late coming to yoga… in the morning I’m able to calm down and regroup with myself.”

Freshman Nayloni Taylor is also happy to be a part of Grove’s period one yoga class.

“ The class is very relaxing; my body feels at ease, “ Taylor said. “When participating in class, it is a great way to start my morning, especially when I am taking some challenging classes.”

This is a recline spinal twist pose. Photograph by Andrea Hill

Taylor finds that taking yoga is not only helpful for the school day, but also for her athletic involvement.

“I’m also in track so [yoga] helps me prepare for my afternoon workouts,” Taylor said. “Sometimes certain activities can be more challenging than others, but at the end of it, I leave with my body feeling great and a clear mind.”

The course has been around for more than 11 years, and it is a half semester class that is worth a half credit. The class is available for freshmen through seniors,  and Grove encourages all students to give it a try.

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