The Snow King Has Been Crowned

February 10, 2023

Call him “Mr. Snow Miser” because junior Teddy Hill won the  Snow King competition.

Held during the Winter Olympics pep rally on Jan. 27, the Snow King competition has junior and senior boys raise money and non-perishable food items that all  go to the YMCA Southern Community Services. 

This year, all of the contestants together raised $500 in monetary donations and 1,471 non-perishable food items. The contenders included seniors Christ Hoatson, TJ McKee and Michael Snyder and juniors Teddy Hill, Cam Smith and Isaiah Voss. 


Each Snow King candidate poses for a picture with their escorts at the Winter Olympics pep rally. (In order from left to right: TJ McKee, Grace Hall, Isaiah Voss, Madelyn Czahor, Michael Snyder, Nicole Dauberman, Cam Smith, Kate Ball, Chris Hoatson, Emily Goodfellow, Teddy Hill, and Erica Broadaway.)
Photograph by Jacob Stroh

Hill won the competition this year with 1,388 points. Each food item was worth 1 point, and each dollar raised was worth 3 points. “…I got some donations from friends and from family…”, Hill said. He was escorted by senior Erica Broadaway, his girlfriend. Broadaway said that she was thrilled to be his “#1 fan.” 

Hill and Broadaway get their picture taken as they walk out.
Photograph by Jacob Stroh

Voss came in second place with 1,237 points. He teamed up with his friends to gather lots of Ramen noodles and cans to be donated. Although he did not come in first place, Voss was still grateful to be a part of the event. “I’m just glad that [the donations] helped raise a lot…,” Voss said. 

Hoatson and McKee were tied for third place with 138 points. 

To students, Snow King is more than just a competition.

“I love food, and I know that food is important to me, so it must be important to other people, and there are a lot of people in this world who aren’t as lucky as me…so I just want to help those people out…,” Hill said. 

The impact of Snow King goes beyond the school campus. 

“Snow King is an amazing way for students to get involved and help the community,” Broadaway said.  She also encourages students to get involved and help their community.

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    Stacy BroadawayFeb 19, 2023 at 5:33 pm

    Great article! Congratulations, Teddy!