Superbowl LVII: The Future is Looking ‘Purdy’

January 26, 2023

With the NFL playoffs coming to an end, the competition is coming down the final teams, raising the question of who will compete for the champion title of Superbowl LVII.

Here is a breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of the final teams and predictions of the game outcomes.

The Bengals versus Chiefs conference championship game will determine who the champions are of the AFC. Graphic Courtesy of @NFL  via Instagram

AFC: Kansas City Chiefs vs.  Cincinnati Bengals

Both of these teams have proven to be very successful in the season so far. Fans saw what the Bengals could do when they upset the Buffalo Bills at home on Sunday. They have a good quarterback and an amazing WR core, but what they lack is defense. When they played the Baltimore Ravens and struggled to stop their backup quarterback, they only won narrowly by seven. If they want a chance, they need to have a defensivew game like they did last week to try and stop Patrick Mahomes. 

Speaking of Mahomes,  the Kansas City Chiefs are solid all the way through with a great defense and an amazing offense led by the star Mahomes. Their running game is strong, and they have no problems moving the ball up and down the field. Their defense is stout too but will have to work hard to stop Joe Burow and the Cincinnati offense. 

Now this game is pretty even with experts having the votes pretty well split coming into the game, but with that being said, the Chiefs will see victory since it’s at home at Arrowhead Stadium, one of the most eclectic atmospheres in the NFL. 

Even with having one of the most solid teams in the NFL, it is not going to be easy with Patrick Mahomes getting injured last game. The player’s performance in the upcoming game may be what sets one of the teams apart, seeing as the full extent of the injury is unknown. 

The 49ers vs Eagles conference championship game will determine who wins the NFC. Graphic Courtesy of @NFL via Instagram

NFC: San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This game is a bit more difficult to predict for one main reason- a guy named Brock Purdy. He has stepped up from being the last player to be taken in the 2022 NFL draft to now being undefeated as a starting QB, leading his team to a conference championship. 

Purdy also has a superstar team surrounding him, with players like Debo Samual and Christan Mccaffrey and this team’s amazing run game which is gonna be almost impossible to stop.  

Another great part of this team is their defense. With a guy like Joey Bosa who is an unstoppable force on the edge leading the NFL in sacks, no wonder they have the number one defense right above the Baltimore Ravens. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are also very well-rounded with Jalen Hurts at QB, Miles Sanders at RB and two all-stars, WR AJ Brown and WR Davonta Smith. This team also has a great defense, but they started the year off amazing and then tapered off at the end.

My prediction for this game is that the 49ers, having Purdy, will take the win. It is not going to be easy playing in Philadelphia, but they can come out on top and pick up the win, going to Arizona to play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.


  • Superbowl Prediction: The Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Francisco 49ers

For the very last game of the season, winning it all and coming out as Super Bowl champions, is the San Francisco 49ers. 

The 49er’s defense will be able to stop the Kansas City Chiefs from scoring drives, and the 49ers’ run-and-pass game will be too much for the Chiefs to contain.

If this all happens, the NFL community would go crazy since seeing the last pick in the draft come in as a rookie and win the Super Bowl would make NFL history.

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