College Football Changes Forever

December 22, 2022

Starting in the 2024-25 season, college football will have a 12-team playoff in replacement of their current four team playoff.

Originally projected to start in 2026, the Rose Bowl signed on Nov. 30 to expand the playoffs to 12 teams.

The new 12-team playoff will bring big changes to the appearance and mechanics of rankings, as well as the Rose Bowl itself.

This trophy will be awarded to the number one team in the country after the national championship game on Jan. 9 at 7:30 p.m. Photograph by @ Front Office Sports via Twitter

Currently, the top four teams throughout the year partake in the playoffs, based off of record, but with the 12-team playoff, the teams that win their conferences will be the top teams.

Home playoff games will also be introduced since more teams will be facing off against each other.

This will bring more exciting rivalry as well as more viewers to the playoffs; it will also bring in more ticket sales, which would ultimately help the schools.

Some critics argue that 12 is too many teams and that the skill level will be unfair for the teams of lower ranks.

But 12 teams might be perfect as the top four teams get a first round bye, so the top seed would not be facing off against the twelfth place team.

Having 12 teams also makes college football more interesting for fans and makes the final round even more selective.

This is a graphic of what the playoffs would have looked like this year. Photograph by @JimMWeber via Twitter

Another new aspect is that the number one team gets to pick where it wants to play, followed by the number two team picking its venue as well.

The third and fourth teams will then get one of the remaining bowls.

Be sure to watch the 2023-24 season because college football might not be the same afterwards.


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