Adviser Tyler Martin shows students what to look for when checking the oil in his red Jeep. Photograph by Richard Harper

Students Engage with Influx of New Clubs

November 4, 2022

Students can hike, game, spike and construct together this school year thanks to six new clubs.

Hiking Club

The hiking club is one of the few clubs that gives people the ability to be in tune with nature, see new sights and breathe in fresh air.

Hiking club adviser Amanda Burris and senior student leader Colin Baust-Crain, are in love with hiking and its benefits.

“Nature helps create bonds with your group members and even new friends,” Baust-Crain said. “You can also learn survival and navigation skills…. Learning in person will give you a better experience rather than reading it.”

Senior Eva Ross explains what kind of students are a part of the club.

“[We have] people who like hiking and want to do it later, and we have people who aren’t avid hikers now but like to go on hikes, and this is the opportunity if you don’t have transportation,” Ross said.

The group will also discuss safety in the wilderness.

“Hiking alone isn’t as advised…,” said Ross. “…[Hike] with friends and family ….[If] it was to get dark or you were to get hurt, you wouldn’t be in severe danger because you have friends and family with you to help.”

Gaming Club

The gaming club is run by librarian Kayse Corrieri and student leader Tristan Lauver.

Funded by the Video Game Clubs of America (VGCA), the gaming club creates an atmosphere where gamers new and old can come together and have fun every first and third Monday of the month with occasional special Thursday club meetings.

Freshman William Cowx, one of the members of the Gaming club, plays Wii sports table tennis. Photograph by Richard Harper

“We have games ranging from board games ranging from Rated up to E10 and nothing higher, and yes, you can bring your own games and devices as long as its school is appropriate and related to the gaming club,” Lauver said.

Joining the club can come with many benefits, such as learning new games, and the best part, meeting new people.

Freshman vice-president William Cowx, like other members, has found many friendships in the gaming club.

“Gaming club has made me see that people at first don’t know each other and later on create a sense of friendship between each other and then become the best of friends,” Cowx said. “I, for one, have a good friendship with Tristan because of our interests with games, especially Apex legends.”

Cowx finds that the gaming club builds social skills and teaches many new things to its members through meetings.

Senior James Schwatka and junior Lilly Wells have a strategic game of chess. Photograph by Richard Harper

“Joining the game is more than just playing games, it’s having the attitude to interact with other students and playing with them and learning to play them by being taught by others,” Cowx said. “We do have an idea of a tournament. Currently, we need about two to three more Wii’s to create a tournament.”

There are only two spots left for students to take part in this club. To join, contact Corrieri at [email protected] or Lauver at [email protected].

Automobile Club

Revving up at the same time is the automobile club, advised by Tyler Martin and run by senior student leader Henry Heinlein.

The club is just more than learning about how cars work; it’s about learning how to configure, check and clean cars.

Sophomore member Kolton Snedegar is interested in learning how the car functions and runs.

“I want to …try to understand everything about cars and how it combines to make the car go and work properly,” Snedegar said.

Freshman member William Cowx hopes to learn about the mechanics as well as the styles of automobiles.

“Cars have a unique style to them, making it more interesting to learn about them,” Cowx said. “I find the mechanics of cars interesting, and that is also one reason I joined this club.”

Snedegar and Cowx both want to share information about cars with the student body and community.

“I would like to get people to learn about cars because not a lot of people know about cars, so when they get a flat tire they will know what not to do,” Snedegar said.

Cowx is more focused on spreading information to consider when purchasing a vehicle.

“I would like to get people to have a better awareness about cars to get people to have basic knowledge before they buy a car,” Cowx said.

Spikeball Club

Spiking into existence this year is the spikeball club, advised by Patricia McGee and senior student leader Chase Robert, alongside junior vice president Griffin Weeks.

Spikeball members Chase Robert and Griffin Weeks  (from left to right) pose for the big tournament win they captured. Photograph Courtesy of Patricia McGee

Joining the spikeball club gives students a better knowledge of what the sport is and how to play it.

“Joining the spikeball club allows you to interact with others that enjoy the game just as you allow for new friendships, making playing the game even more fun,” Robert said.

The club as of now is full, but students can still play the game outside of school and even during gym days when spikeball is available.

“ Spikeball can be played almost anywhere, at home, at the park or even at a friend’s house,” Griffin said. “Spikeball is a very fun game/sport to play. If you give it a try and have the right attitude, it will be as fun as riding a rollercoaster.”

Besides these organizations, there are the student dental club and the dance club to consider as well.

 Other Options

The student dental club is advised by science teacher Jeremy Sechrist and is run by senior student presidents Makani Ross and Alla Jones.

You can contact Sechrist at [email protected] and Ross at [email protected] for more information.

Another option with rhythm is the dance club, advised by physical education teacher Abigail Grove and is run by junior student president Julia Latko.

You can contact [email protected] and [email protected] for more information on the dance club.

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